Constitution & Rules

Download the Tourism Export Council Constitution and Rules document below:

Important note: A Special Meeting held 30 May 2017 approved Rule 8, Life Membership be changed to give the Tourism Export Council Board the recommendation and approval of Life Members without going to the wider membership.

Important note: A Ballot held in December 2012 via post, email and fax recorded a name change to the organisation.

With respect to Notice of Motion 1: “that the name of the Association be changed to Tourism Export Council of New Zealand Incorporated as set out in Notice of Motion 1.”


Important note: A Postal Ballot held in December 2010 deleted the second paragraph of Rule 4. This stated that: “A minimum turnover of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00) per annum is required by new applicants for inbound membership and they must have been actively trading as an Inbound Tour Operator for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying for membership.”

Additionally Rule 21 (b) was deleted and the following Rule 21 (b) was substituted in its place.

“21 (b) A resolution on a matter normally decided at a general meeting of members may be determined by means of postal vote if in the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors any such matter should be determined by means of a postal vote. Any such postal vote shall be taken in such manner as the Board of Directors shall direct. The Board of Directors may direct that a postal vote be taken by conventional post, by facsimile, or by electronic mail, or by any combination of these methods. The Board of Directors is to have absolute discretion in this regard. The result of a postal vote shall have the same effect as a vote of members passed at a general meeting of the Association. The provision of Rule 14 relating to the calling of general meetings on the requisition of ten members of the Association shall not apply to this rule. Where a postal vote is directed by the Board pursuant to this rule, any motion shall be carried by a simple majority votes cast pursuant to the postal ballot, except that the majority required by Rule 45 will apply in respect of a postal ballot moving an amendment to these rules.”

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