Using an Inbound Tour Operator

How Does the Tourism Export Council Tour Operator Work the Marketplace?

Inbound tour operators provide a vital link between the suppliers of New Zealand tourism product and the overseas travel companies which buy it. As specialists in inbound tourism, Inbound Members promote and sell New Zealand travel packages to offshore buyers such as wholesalers, travel agents, meeting planners and event managers.

They also play an important role as tourism ‘brokers’ for overseas travel companies, providing a wide range of services including advice on product, price and availability, coordination of travel arrangements and payments, and supervision of product delivery.

You can learn more about how to work with Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) by reviewing the “Planning for Inbound Success” Manual.

The Tourism Export Council Inbound Tour Operator’s skill is to understand the interests, needs and cultures of overseas markets, and keep abreast of New Zealand product development. Through their work in generating bookings for suppliers and handling land arrangements for overseas travel companies, Tourism Export Council Members make a substantial contribution to New Zealand’s rapidly growing inbound tourism industry.

Tourism Export Council Member Tour Operators Look After Everyone

Many people assume Tourism Export Council tour operators only look after group package tours. This is not true – Tourism Export Council tour operators cater for the growing number of Fully Independent Travellers (FITs) who often purchase simple airfare/accommodation packages and self drive around New Zealand.

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The Tourism Export Council Allied Member Supplier

The Tourism Export Council is a family of Inbound Member Tour Operators and Allied Member Product Suppliers. Inbound Members endeavour to support and market Allied Member products because they meet quality standards and offer the overseas visitor a New Zealand experience to remember.

Tourism Export Council Members, Inbound and Allied, work together to expand the market to the benefit of New Zealand tourism and our overseas visitors. We put the customer at the centre of our business.

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