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LNZ International Travel Services Ltd

L2, 17A Remuera Rd, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand (1050)


L2, 17A Remuera Rd, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand (1050)

New Zealand
+64 9 520 1111
+64 9 520 1117

Yuguang Zhou, Director

Serena Liu, Operations Manager

Founded in 2010, LNZ International Travel Service is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The company is endorsed by Qualmark New Zealand as an Inbound Tour Operator and also is an approved ADS Inbound Tour Operator. We arrange a variety of inbound tours travelling around New Zealand and outbound group visits to Australia and the Pacific Islands. We also design and organise personalised travel packages including honeymoons, fishing, hunting, golf and diving, as well as business and property investigation.

New Zealand, Australia, China

Series Group Tours, Sight Seeing Tours, Special Interest Tours, FIT's and self drive, Convention & Incentives, Educational

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