New Zealand Maori Tourism Council (NZMTC)

Above: ITOC President Stuart Neels and NZMTC Chairman Peter Kitchen at the signing ceremony

The NZ Maori Tourism Council represents the 11 Maori Regional Tourism Organisations and over 200 Maori tourism businesses throughout New Zealand.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (previously ITOC) and the NZ Maori Tourism Council was signed in August 2006 at the Joint ITOC/NZ Tourism Industry Conference in Wellington.

Under the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding and Best Practice, both parties agree to endorse best practice standards on a fair and reasonable basis and to work progressively towards the goal of enabling greater engagement of visitors with Maori culture.

Key projects agreed on include:

  • Reciprocal website links.
  • Contribute to each other’s conferences where appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain a Maori culture category on the Tourism Export Council website.
  • Provide basic organisational information to help inform each organisation’s constituents through their respective newsletters, websites, directories and other publications.
  • Facilitate opportunities for constituent members of each organisation to benefit from one another.

Read a copy of the MoU document.

Visit the NZ Maori Tourism Council website –

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