Standards & Governance

The Tourism Export Council’s Constitution

The Tourism Export Council’s Constitution is a framework that covers detailed information on the organisations membership, voting entitlements, powers and duties of the board, fees, subscriptions, levies and general meetings. Click here to read the most recently updated edition of the full document.

The Tourism Export Council’s Code of Ethics and Practice

The code of Ethics and Practice is written for members of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand (TECNZ). It was approved in 1995 and all financial members of TECNZ are required to comply.

Its objectives are to:

  • Clearly define the intended professional business standards that will differentiate TECNZ members from non-members
  • Ensure New Zealand’s favourable reputation as a travel destination remains intact by ensuring TECNZ operators embrace the goals of quality, integrity and professional excellence at all times.
  • Add value to a TECNZ membership by offering an operational framework that our members can build strong and sustainable business relationships from.

Click here to read the full document.

The Tourism Export Council’s Inbound Member Code & Pledge

Upon acceptance of a membership with TECNZ, all members accept the terms and responsibility of the code & pledge as stated below:

  • We will commit to providing the highest standards of confidential service to our overseas-based clients and customers at all times.
  • We will maintain the principles of fair dealing, honesty and integrity in both our competitive relationships and our relationships with all trade suppliers.
  • We will seek to ensure the safety and security of all clients throughout their visit by preferring Allied Members with established safety standards and provision of information where activity participation may present the possibility of personal risk.
  • We will encourage the provision of industry training and support educational qualification through preference of employment opportunities for applicants with recognised and applicable experience, education and training.
  • We will maintain our commitment to the requirements for Inbound Membership of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand and accept our responsibility to inform the Board should circumstances decree a significant change in ability to maintain these requirements.
  • We will encourage and prefer dealings with suppliers who have committed to Allied membership of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand in the expectation of reciprocal preference of Tourism Export Council Members by Allied Members.
  • We will support and encourage the provision of new or improved visitor facilities and services by provision of relevant information as to potential use and volumes, particularly where potential suppliers seek the aid of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand as an organisation to advise and assist with viability assessment.
  • We will support, co-operate with, and encourage other associated organisations such as airlines servicing New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand in their efforts to develop increased visitor numbers inbound to New Zealand.
  • We will actively discourage clients from participation in any activity which may be harmful to the natural environment in New Zealand or which may impact adversely on the image of New Zealand as a destination offering concern for environmental responsibility.
  • We will conduct our business responsibilities with regard for and in full compliance with the business and commercial law and regulations of New Zealand to ensure our clients and suppliers may be confident at all times in the professional standards and conduct of Members of the Tourism Export Council.