Mercedes 10 seater

Its been only 31 years, but Hallmark has now a formal footprint in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Rotorua and now Christchurch.

The private transport market for small vehicles under 20 seats, ha never had a truly national operator. While Taxi’s often try to migrate into this business, the reality is that a managed service is a vastly different product.

While for many years we have been operating with partners in many cities, part of the big chain is now being formally joined, to create a truly national service. Our footprint in the NZ transport scene is growing and with that, a new level of logistics infrastructure being created.

The ability to integrate to multiple business channels, systems and delivering a new and innovative product is a point many businesses claim as their own. However in our market, there has never been a truly singular entity providing this system.

In a business where seconds count, not minutes or days, our commitment to the market is second to none. We constantly innovate the industry with fresh and new ideas and deliver uniquely Hallmark results. We still remain to our most personal ideologies, those of Quality, Assurance, Peace of Mind and above all reputation to deliver excellence.

Expect the unexpected, as Hallmark will continue to expand operations to provide our clients with dedicated results that we believe are second to none.

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