About YoungTEC

YoungTEC is a subsidiary of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand and is open to tourism professionals and TECNZ member employees aged 18 to 36. YoungTEC’s mission is to enhance our tourism export industry by developing  future leaders. Members are offered regular networking events, educational workshops, a mentoring and development programme, and invaluable, up-to-date industry knowledge.

Members have their own constitution and executive committee structure.

The Executive committee are members elected from the key regions of Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown annually. Executive committee elections are held every year in July. If you are interested in self-nominating or nominating a fellow YoungTEC click here to access the nomination Form.

As well as the committee, each region has 2–3 regional coordinators who facilitate local networking events. Click here to view the Executive Committee and Regional Coordinators for 2017-18. Regional networking groups include: Queenstown, Christchurch, Wellington, Rotorua & Auckland. Other clusters groups may be added.

For further information or to be a regional co-ordinator please contact: Bryn Lloyd (Te Papa) at: bryn.lloyd@tepapa.govt.nz OR Nicole Botting (Christchurch NZ) at: nicole.botting@christchurchnz.com

To register your interest to YoungTEC either apply online or download the application form here.